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Q: What age were you when you started Latin American and Ballroom?
Vincent: 11 years old
Q: How did your partnership come about and what do you love most about your partner?
Vincent: I moved to Christchurch for work and decided I want to continue dance recreationally. Sharan and Andrew managed to rope me in to dancing with Fran. Best decision I’ve ever made! Fran always has such an awesome attitude and strives for the best. I can always count on her to motivate me!
Q: How many hours do you practice per week?
Vincent: We usually have about 4 hours of lesson and about 8 to 10 hours practice a week.
Q: What is your favourite dance and why? Vincent: This is a hard one! If I had to choose it’s probably between Slow Foxtrot and Rumba. They’re the ones I feel most confident with and I love the stories they tell.
Q: How do you feel when you are on the dance floor and its all going well?
Vincent: I tend to get lost in the moment when I’m dancing. I try to keep up with the characteristic of each dance.
Q: You competed at Nationals in 2019 in Porirua, what was the highlight for you?
Vincent: Finally winning Level 1 and upgrading. It was one of our biggest accomplishments and something we’ve both wanted for so long!
Q: What was the most exciting thing about competing in Melbourne in December 2019?
Vincent: The whole experience was amazing. The atmosphere was electric and the crowd was rowdy! I’d totally recommend it to anyone who can go.
Q: Do you have a favourite outfit?
Vincent: Anything that makes me looks slim!
Q: What do you do outside of the ballroom scene?
Vincent: You think Ballroom dancers have a life?! I work full time as a retail manager and fit in the gym where I can. Otherwise it’s mainly dance and fitness!
Q: What are your dancing goals over the next couple of years?
Vincent: Just to learn more and grow individually and as a couple. Hopefully one day reach Level 5!
Q: What advice would you give to beginners wanting to get into Ballroom and Latin American dancing?
Vincent: Do it! And don’t hold back! Not only is it a great form of exercise, but it pushes you outside you comfort zone and challenges you in so many ways. You won’t regret it!

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